Cocktails for a pool party that all the guests will love

Cocktails for a pool party that all the guests will love

A pool party is the perfect celebration of the season, which refreshes guests and puts them in a good mood, but for the party to be really successful it is necessary to create a great atmosphere.

Between sun, a playlist on Spotify and water games you can not give up the right href="" target="_blank" title="drink" rel="noopener noreferrer">drink/a> that satisfies all palates. The secret is to propose a mixture that most refers to the personalities of our guests, taking care to always have the ice ready. Among the unmissable cocktails for a pool party we have selected some that certainly will not disappoint the expectations of friends, colleagues and relatives.

Cocktail per festa in piscina


Vodka Sour is fundamental because it is the summer cocktail par excellence. Fresh, tasty and based on Family Made Vodka Ketel One, it is ideal for those who have the irreplaceable desire to make their party by the pool unforgettable.


A classic in the American style to accompany the scents of summer that are combined with those of the typical Mexican cocktail: our Tommy’s Margarita . Do not miss to create a real oasis of taste based on Josè Cuervo, the ultimate solution for fans of tequila.


Gin Sour is born from the balance of sugar, lemon and Tanqueray gin. The "sour" in the name is a reference to the lemon juice that quenches and offers the sour note, but the simple syrup balances the flavor well to ensure even the ideal amount of sweetness.

Gin Proved Cocktail


Garden of Russia is a signature fresh cocktail created by Patrick Pistolesi, extremely fragrant and flowery because it is a variant of the classic Vodka Sour with a touch of elderberry flowers. In a combination of vodka, elderberry blossom Bols liqueur, organic citric acid and liquid sugar, it becomes the refreshing and intoxicating cocktail that will amaze even the most refined palates.

Garden of Russia NIO Cocktails


Let’s fly directly to the Caribbean for a delicious cocktail with Rhum Pampero blanco, citric acid and liquid sugar: Daiquiri is the maximum of tropical flavor that goes well with tanning and swimming in the pool. A bit of ice and the game is done: here is a fresh cocktail and the ideal mix to sip with friends during your pool party.

Take the opportunity to make unique your party by the pool with a box of NIO Cocktails: inaugurates the summer season and the return of good mood in the right way, ie with perfect aperitifs outdoors</ strong> to shake and enjoy with a little ice. Always NIO Cocktails, synonymous with quality, is committed to making your moments unique - especially if shared with the people you love the most - and what better occasion than a pool party with sun, friends and music? The pool cocktails are a must that you can’t give up, especially if prepared by an exceptional mixologist like Patrick Pistolesi.

Build your box with your favorite cocktails