Daiquiris of the World Cocktail Box



6 variations on the Daiquiri crafted by world-class mixologists. Each made with Ron Santiago de Cuba 11 year aged rum.

Key Ingredients:

El Oriente | Summer Daiquiri | Noches de Malecon | Forgotten Daiquiri | Frezza Daiquiri | El Presente
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Remember the best holiday you’ve ever had. Now, imagine that memory was a cocktail. That’s how good these daiquiris taste. Each one is crafted with 11-year-old Ron Santiago de Cuba light rum, with notes of vanilla, coconut and almond. Travel around the world with 6 different takes on this classic tropical cocktail.

Forgotten Daiquiri – by Jimmy Bertazzoli, Italy

(Ron Santiago De Cubatm Extra Añejo 11 Years Old / Cachaça Yaguara Organic / Peychaud'S Bitter / Angostura Bitter / Toschi Liquid Sugar / Organic Citric Acid / Water. | 24% ABV)

It recreates the authentic aguardiente’s flavours from Cuba in the late 19th and early 20th century. The mix of bitter and pure sugar cane juice spirit takes this daiquiri from Cuba’s golden age straight to your glass

Frezza Daiquiri – by Alexander Frezza, Italy

(Ron Santiago De Cubatm Extra Añejo 11 Years Old / Bols White Peppermint / Maraschino Luxardo / Toschi Liquid Sugar / Organic Citric Acid / Water. | 24.3% ABV)

The ultimate essence of what a Cuban cocktail should be: classy, sophisticated and with a fresh taste. The rum, crisp mint and fruity maraschino combine the true essence of classic Cuban cocktails.

Noches de Malecón – by Federico Pavan, London

(Ron Santiago De Cubatm Extra Añejo 11 Years Old / Briottet Crème De Melon / Bordeaux Coffee Liquor / Organic Citric Acid / Water. | 19.7% ABB)

This cocktail captures the spirit of El Malecón, the coastal promenade of Havana. It’s made with melon instead of lime and liqueur flavoured with beans from Cuba's coffee plantations.

El Oriente – by Georgia Billing, London

(Ron Santiago De Cubatm Extra Añejo 11 Years Old / Mandarine Napoleon Cognac / Ginger Liqueur / Organic Citric Acid / Water. | 24.1% ABV)

The Oriente is known as Cuba’s ‘cradle of light rum’. This cocktail is inspired by the prominent vanilla and coconut profile of Ron Santiago de Cuba, bridging it with flavours of far eastern spices and gentle citrus.

Summer Daiquiri – by Nathalie Lulu, Hong Kong

(Ron Santiago De Cubatm Extra Añejo 11 Years Old / Earl Grey Tea Cordial / St. Germain Liquor / Bitter Truth Orange Bitters / Toschi Liquid Sugar / Organic Citric Acid / Water. | 25.7% ABV)

The daiquiri has always been recognised as a drink to enjoy in the summer, at the beach or at parties. Here it’s elevated by fragrant earl grey and a sweet touch of elderflower liqueur, perfect for sipping on a hot day.

El Presente Daiquiri – by Patrick Pistolesi, Italy

(Ron Santiago de Cuba™ extra añejo 11 years old / Giffard Caribbean Pineapple / Passion Fruit Liqueur Bols / Maraschino / Organic Citric Acid / Toschi Liquid Sugar / Water. | 24.8% ABV)

Inspired by his trip to Cuba, the El Presente cocktail bursts with pineapple and passion fruit flavours, which all complement the 11-year-old Ron Santiago de Cuba light rum.

Hand-mixed in Italy with the best spirits from all over the world

We’ll take you home or wherever you like, with a high quality and exciting tasting experience. Treat yourself or give someone you love a wonderful sensory moment. Our cocktails are created by top mixologist Patrick Pistolesi and produced in entirely recyclable packaging .

Dinner party snippets

If your guests get curious, show off your knowledge. Tell them that Daiquiri (pronounced ‘da-ee-kiree’) is actually a mining town in Cuba. It’s named after this unlikely place because Jennings Cox, an American mining engineer, hosted a dinner party and ran out of gin for his cocktails. Instead, he grabbed rum: the most readily available spirit in Cuba. Fast-forward two years to 1902, and the little-known daiquiri takes over New York society. By the time prohibition becomes law 20 years later, American tourists are flying to Cuba, specifically requesting this sweet rum cocktail.