Whiskey Box

Whiskey Box


Crafted with the superbly smooth Bulleit Bourbon, the Whiskey Box traverses geography and tastes alike with six classic whiskey-inspired cocktails.

Key Ingredients:

Brown Gold x 2 | Manhattan x 2 | Old Fashioned x 2
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Product Description

Our classic menu of whiskey cocktails provides a rich, and ever so slightly spicy base for three of our most popular NIOs: the Manhattan, the Brown Gold and the Old Fashioned.

Our Whiskey Box is proof that whiskey really can be enjoyed by anyone.

  • Manhattan Cocktail: Bulleit Bourbon | Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino | Angostura Bitters | 100ml | 24.2% ABV
  • Brown Gold Cocktail: Bulleit Bourbon | Bols Vanilla Liqueur | Bols Coffee Liqueur | Organic Citric Acid | Toschi Liquid Sugar |100 ML | 22.4% VOL.
  • Old Fashioned Cocktail: Bulleit Bourbon | Liquid Sugar Toschi | Angostura Bitter Aromatic | Angostura Orange Bitter | 100 ML | 29.3% VOL.

    Hand-mixed in Italy with the best spirits from all over the world

    Perfect to serve at Christmas or New Year's parties, our Apple Rum Punch Cocktail is intensely flavourful and full of warming festive spices. A delicious combination of apple cider Calvados, dark rum, red vermouth, and sour apple liqueur, this cocktail will become your ultimate winter cocktail sour, and will certainly be a hit amongst your guests. Expertly mixed in Milan, Italy.