The best non-alcoholic aperitif cocktails, for all palates

The best non-alcoholic aperitif cocktails, for all palates

A non-alcoholic aperitif is the perfect trendy idea for a detox moment, when you are on a diet or for a small aperitif that doesn’t include, necessarily, distillates and/or liqueurs. Yes, the non-alcoholic aperitif is the solution for a moment of tasty relaxation, without thoughts and compromises. Full of style and tasting quality.

Fruity non-alcoholic aperitifs

Let’s start immediately with the most classic, fruity non-alcoholic aperitifs: if you are looking for some to win everyone, then get ready to take notes. 

Aperitivi analcolici NIO Cocktails

Lemongrass Citrus NIO Cocktails: with delicate sweet and citrus notes, the vibrant scent of lemon blends perfectly with the tropical touch of granitina. A non-alcoholic aperitif cocktail suitable for all ages whose ingredients are:

  • Plant extracts,
  • Organic citric acid,
  • sugar
  • and water.

Aniseed Sour NIO Cocktails: again the citrus base of organic citric acid which, this time, merges with anise - one of the oldest spices in the digestive world and, apparently, aphrodisiac. With zero-calorie Toschi syrup and Memento - an exclusive blend of aromatic waters, it turns into a light and non-alcoholic sour drink ideal for any aperitif. The recipe includes:

  • natural aroma of star anise
  • plant extracts
  • organic citric acid
  • suagr
  • water
  • sucrose, steviolic glucosides

Orange non-alcoholic aperitif: a simple option suitable for every palate, even the most demanding one. The ingredients:

  • orange juice
  • non-alcoholic bitter
  • fresh ginger
  • ice

Combining the sweetness of the orange with a touch of soft bitter, we can get a simple aperitif, but unique: we put orange juice and bitter without alcohol in a carafe, we add a thin slice of ginger and a lot of ice. Let’s rest for an hour in the fridge and that’s it.

Non- alcoholic Aperitif with ACE juice: it is the most loved juice for its intense and citrus flavor and becomes an ideal aperitif without alcohol with few precautions. The ingredients:

  • ACE juice
  • lime
  • brown sugar
  • ice

How to prepare it? Chop the ice, then in a carafe add the ACE juice, some crushed lime and two tablespoons of brown sugar. For an extra touch, also mix some orange juice.

aperitivo analcolico

Pineapple non-alcoholic aperitif: perfect for summer, but ideal in all season, non-alcoholic aperitif with pineapple juice is the solution for people who love exotic flavours. The ingredients:

  • pineapple juice,
  • grapefruit juice,
  • lime,
  • brown sugar,
  • tonic water. 

Mix pineapple juice with a little grapefruit juice and crushed lime, add brown sugar and a touch of tonic water.

Non-alcoholic aperitif with fresh fruit: do you have so much delicious fresh fruit that you would like to turn into a non-alcoholic delicious aperitif? The ingredients:

  • fresh fruit
  • lemon
  • grapefruit juice
  • orange juice
  • brown sugar,
  • grenadine syrup
  • tonic water
  • ice

Prepare a fruit salad by cutting everything into small pieces and putting to macerate the fruit with a pinch of lemon juice and two tablespoons of brown sugar. Squeeze a grapefruit and an orange. Then pour the prepared fruit salad on the bottom of the glass, add some ice cubes, add the grapefruit and orange juices and finish with a few drops of grenadine syrup and tonic water.

Ginger non-alcoholic aperitif

Sparkling on the palate, refreshing and enveloping, the non-alcoholic ginger aperitif is in great demand. The proposal of NIO Cocktails:

Ginger Sour NIO Cocktails: the exotic touch of ginger and the thirst-quenching properties of lemon blend perfectly with Memento, an exclusive blend of aromatic waters, in a refreshing mix that will appeal to even the most demanding palates in search of soft and light aperitifs. The recipe includes:

  • ginger extract
  • natural lemon flavour
  • juice
  • plants extracts
  • organic citric acid
  • sugar
  • water
  • sucrose, glucosides, steviols.

Cocktail for the classic non-alcoholic aperitif

Do you miss Negroni and dream of an alternative without alcohol? Are you already thinking about non-alcoholic aperitifs for Christmas to satisfy everyone? Try our Virgin Bitters!

Aperitivi analcolici NIO Cocktails

Virgin Bitters NIO Cocktails: the typical depth of a classic Italian aperitif, but without alcohol. The heart of this exclusive cocktail is the Memento, a fragrant blend of aromatic waters, to which we add the typical sour balance - with notes of gentian and cardamom - for a perfect and light aperitif. The recipe includes:

  • plant extract
  • organic citric acid
  • sugar
  • water

Non-alcoholi aperitif with Crodino

Indispensable for many, Crodino is the perfect base for a non-alcoholic aperitif. With its bitter taste and made unique by nutmeg, coriander, cardamom and cloves, ensures a bitter note that delights. The ingredients:

  • Crodino
  • lemon or orange juice
  • ice
  • mint leaflets

It is very easy to prepare: pour the Crodino into the glass, add ice in desired quantities and then adjust with orange or lemon juice squeezed. Decorate with mint leaves and enjoy it.

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