The freshest cocktails for a summer full of premium mixology that quenches your thirst

The freshest cocktails for a summer full of premium mixology that quenches your thirst

The best 3 cocktails for summer aperitifs

You can feel the Good Mood, between holidays at the door and evenings outdoors with friends, but the heat can become the enemy of the rich aperitifs based on drinks. NIO Cocktails has the solution: the menu of fresh summer cocktails is enriched with three new entries in the catalog, designed ad hoc to conquer even the most difficult palates in the worst hot conditions too. Let’s talk about Margarita, Espresso Martini and Mai Tai.

These are the most refreshing cocktails, three great classics reinterpreted by our master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi to be suitable for hot weather. With fruity, floral, enveloping and stimulating flavors, they have long traditions behind them and are perfect for those who love the freshest but refined mixology, with a hint of vintage to rediscover.

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It is certainly not a "new" cocktail in the true sense of the term, on the contrary: it is a real pillar of mixology, a timeless classic with a story shrouded in mystery that Patrick Pistolesi decided to make in perfect NIO Cocktails style. Our mixologist likes a legend in particular about the origin of Margarita: not a drink invented for a dancer allergic to almost all spirits, but rather the king of fresh and intoxicating cocktails whose recipe was created by Josè Cuervo. Accompanying it with the slogan "Margarita it’s much more than a girl’s name". Since then, it has become a must in the history of world mixology.
Slightly drier in taste than Tommy’s Margarita, our recipe contains:
  • Tequila Josè Cuervo Traditional
  • Cointreau
  • Lime syrup by Giffard
  • organic citric acid obviously.
With a recognizable sweet note, it is an essential cocktail, exotic, refreshing, that works in every occasion. Its perfect garnish is a slice of lime, while - for a food pairing ad hoc - it goes deliciously with a fillet of white fish with a sprinkling of lemon, a taco de pescado crispy and tasty, a nice mix of shellfish.

Just a simple sip of Margarita to go back with the mind to the golden days of the great Mexican hotels, the brave toreadors and the beautiful dancers who conquered the scenes, between the torrid climate and flavours of a distant world.

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Espresso Martini

Energetic, vigorous, very good with the cold season, but even more in spring and summer: our Espresso Martini is the energizing cocktail that will revolutionise your aperitifs before long evenings with friends. Its origin speaks for itself: back in 1982, we are at the Soho Brasserie in London whose bartender, Dick Bradsell, is preparing to become an undisputed icon of mixology world.

A young and already famous model, one day, approaches her counter to ask for an “awakening drink” and Dick invents for her the Espresso Martini, created by mixing vodka (an 80’s must) with coffee liqueur, sugar and a cup of espresso. This cocktail had many names throughout its history ("The Stimulant" is our favourite), but it has always remained true to its taste experience.

We prepare it with two high quality ingredients:

  • Ketel One Family Made Vodka
  • coffee liqueur Fair.
The garnish for a complete tasting experience is simple: 3 coffee beans.


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Mai Tai

An intense flavour that tastes of exotic, a vintage character that returns to the rescue, the Mai Tai is the father of all cocktails Tiki. Beloved by our Patrick Pistolesi, it is a cocktail with a fascinating background: it was born from those cultural exchanges - at the end of World War II - that have given way to new global trends in cinema, fashion, costumes and, of course, mixology. It was created by the Californian Don The Beachcomber (later simply renamed Donn Beach), a Californian adventurer who was the first to create a local themed with Polynesian masks and straw, with the appearance of a real hut.

His recipe of the Mai Tai has remained for a long time secret, guarded by the trusty barman of Donn (known during one of his travels) who prepared it "behind the scenes", away from prying eyes. Mai Tai is a Polynesian expression meaning "out of the world" and the cocktail has been so renamed because, when served to a Polynesian to ask him what he thought, he replied "Mai Tai!" to say "crazy, delicious". Tiki culture has taken so much of the American imagination, especially the West Coast, that we can relive it in vintage series like "A Witch’s Life", with party themed straw skirts, flower wreaths and Tiki cocktails.

Our Mai Tai was thought by Patrick in a full-bodied but extremely cool variant:
  • Colòn, the dark Rum selected as a base,
  • Cointreau to enrich it,
  • Giffard organic lime-based citric acid,
  • and Monin barley syrup.
To emphasise the richness of this summer cocktail, the garnish recommended is double - as in all tikis: a mint leaf and a slice of orange. Delicious to enjoy with the dishes a little sweet and sour Asian style, spicy tip, both meat and fish. Essential for pool parties other than usual.
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