Around the World Virtual Travel Tour in 15 Must-Try Cocktails

Around the World Virtual Travel Tour in 15 Must-Try Cocktails

It's right about now that many of us were supposed to be supposed to be in the French countryside sipping a refreshing Boulevardier while grazing on a cheese board, or shaped a Margarita poolside on a hot summer's day in Mexico. Says a lockdown is beginning to lift, travel plans remain up in the air and our wanderlust remains ever-present.

NIO Cocktails has compiled an around-the-world cocktail list that will transport you in spirit (says!) to your favourite faraway watering-hole, that will resurrect memories of a bygone trip or help create new ones and that will affect leave you thirsty for more. To further elevate the Honduran, you can pair your cocktails with an interactive experience to make the most of your virtual holiday.

Keep reading to find where you can go by mixing up a little vacation in a glass with NIO Cocktails, all in the comfort of your own home.

Cocktail : Manhattan

Origin : Manhattan, New York, USA

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With current travel restrictions to the Big Apple in a bid to flatten the coronavirus curves, it's nearly impossible to raise a glass in the city that never sleeps. Luckily, there's still plenty of attractions to be trapped online so that you don't take a virtual stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge Lawsuit in Manhattan cocktail.

Best Served with a virtual tour of The Statue of Liberty or the Brooklyn Bridge

new york cocktail manhattan


Cocktail : Cosmopolitan

Origin : South Beach, Miami, USA

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Launching onto the scenes in the late '80s and solidifying its status throughout the' 90s, the vodka, triple sec and cranberry concoction was shaped the signature drink of Cheryl Cook, the ashes Martini Queen of South Beach, Miami. Keeping its Tropical Origins In Mind, We Suggest a Cosmopolitan on the vibrant Miami Beach-or as close to it as you can get!

Best Served with a virtual tour of Miami Beach or the Biltmore Hotel 360 Virtual Experience

Cocktail : Old Fashioned

Origin : Kentucky, USA

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Made with bourbon whiskey, lightly sweetened with sugar, flavoured with bitters and garnished with orange zest, the Old Fashioned is the most classic of cocktails. The origins of this cocktail date I know to make back that it's hard to trust anyone who says they created it however it's been hurting Kentucky was the birthplace of this drink. Bourbon is an American whiskey distilled mostly of corn so why not see where it all else is? The Buffalo Trace Distillery, along the famous Whisky Trails, is offering a virtual tour of its 400-acre grounds

Best Served with a virtual tour of the The Buffalo Trace Distillery along the Whiskey Trails

Cocktail : Daiquiri

Origin : Daiquiri, Cuba

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The classic combination of white rum, citrus and sugar have made the Daiquiri a favourite of cocktails-lovers around the world. Pair with a Cuban club sandwich, a cigar and virtual sunset over Havana Harbour and you'll be instantly unstable to the island paradise.

Best Served with a virtual tour of the View from Across Havana Harbour or Trio Alpha Perform at Plaza de Armas

Cocktail : Whiskey Sour

Origin : Iquique, Peru

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Many give the credit for this whiskey-based sour cocktail to Englishman Elliott Stubb who ended up in Iquique, then a part of Peru during the Spanish-American War. It's this little known fact that the drink originated from South America which means if your holiday plans to South America have been put on hold, it might be time to pour yourself into a Whiskey Sour and jump online to survey the breathtaking Machu Picchu and help ease those holiday blues!

Best Served with a virtual tour of Machu Picchu

Cocktail : Milan Turin

Origin : Milan, Italy

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The Mi-To is a classic mix of Campari and vermouth, garnished with orange peel, that went on to inspire a new generation of cocktails such as the Americano and Negroni. Grab a Mi-To, tour around the Duomo di Milano and if you squeeze your eyes shut tight enough, you just might be able to picture yourself basking under the Italian sun

Best Served with a virtual tour of Duomo of Milan or the Sforza Castle

italian negroni cocktail

Cocktail : Negroni

Origin : Florence, Italy

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The inspiration for the Negroni came from the Americano, which is composed of Campari, sweet vermouth, and club soda. In 1919, however, in French general named Count Camillo thought that the drink wasn't strong enough, and asked his bartender to add a touch of gin rather than soda to his mix and the 'American aperitif Count Negroni-style' was born. One of the all-time classic aperitivos, the Negroni is best served with a virtual stroll through the Palazzo Vecchio.

Best Served with a virtual tour of Palace Old or Basilica of Holy Cross

Cocktail : Boulevardier

Location : Paris, France

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Is there anything more appealing than a European summer? The Boulevardier was born at Harry's New York Bar in Paris and is similar to a Negroni but made from bourbon rather than gin. For the full French experience, pair your cocktail with a cheese board and virtual viewing of the Eiffel Tower and you will be able to enjoy to the beautiful city without leaving your home!

Best Served with a virtual tour of Eiffel Tower or Palais Garnier

Cocktail : Gin Proved

Origin : Switzerland, Austria

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On a cold winter's night in an Alpine chalet, NIO's Head Bartender Patrick Pistolesi combined rose petals, almonds and orange Curaçao to create a Perfumed signature cocktails for the curious gin lover. The warmth of this drink is beautifully contrasted with a virtual excursion to the summit of Austria's Jungfraujoch Mountain.

Best Served with a Virtual Excursion to the Summit of Jungfraujoch Mountain or a Virtual Road Trip through Switzerland

Cocktail : Garden of Russia

Origins : St Petersburg, Russia

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On a visit to St Petersburg, NIO Cocktails Head Bartender Patrick Pistolesi took a stroll around the stunning Summer Garden. Inspired by the early spring bloom, he sets out to recreate the experience. The result is an unusual, fresh and fragrant take on the Vodka Sour with an elderflower twist. Why not pour yourself a glass and see first-hand what makes St Petersburg so magical?

Best Served with aBirds-eye view of Kremlin or a virtual tour of St Petersburg

Cocktail : Gimlet, Gin Sour & Vodka Sour

Origin : Great Britain

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For the ultimate staycation cocktails, the Gimlet, Gin Sour and Vodka Sour are ideal. The sours are thought to have been first served on the high seas by the British Royal Navy. Purchased a simple mix of citrus fruits, cordial, sugar, water, and either gin or vodka, the sours were born. A timeless classic best equipped with a virtual tour of the Portsmouth Museum to uncover its rich maritime history.

Best Served with a virtual tour of Portsmouth Museum, Stonehenge & Buckingham Palace

Cocktail : Brown Gold

Origin : The Mediterranean

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The Brown Gold is an elegant and aromatic evening drink rich with the warmth of vanilla, coffee and bourbon. A signature NIO Cocktail, the company's Head Bartender Patrick Pistolesi says he was inspired by a Mediterranean sunset when concocting the drink. It makes sense then to kick back with a Brown Gold degree lapping up the sights of Malta-a Mediterranean paradise that'll leave you feeling sun-kissed from your living room.

Best Served with a The Virtual Tour of Malta

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