4XL Ice Cube Mouuld



Silicone ice mould: create four XL cubes perfect for use with NIO cocktails.

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Silicone ice mould. Creates 4 XL cubes ideal for use with NIO cocktails. <br><br>Silicone ice mould: create 4 XL cubes perfect for use with NIO cocktails. <br><br>The size of the moulds facilitates rapid cooling of the cocktail (about 1 minute for a perfect drink) and very slow melting allows you to enjoy the cocktail without diluting it. The ice mould is dishwasher safe but, when possible, manual washing should be preferred to maintain the features and shape unchanged over time.

Hand-mixed in Italy with the best spirits from all over the world

Perfect to serve at Christmas or New Year's parties, our Apple Rum Punch Cocktail is intensely flavourful and full of warming festive spices. A delicious combination of apple cider Calvados, dark rum, red vermouth, and sour apple liqueur, this cocktail will become your ultimate winter cocktail sour, and will certainly be a hit amongst your guests. Expertly mixed in Milan, Italy.